Full Version: DCS 1.5 open beta hotfix 2
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Update della versione beta 1.5. C'è una lista di bugs importanti che sono stati risolti. Tra quellli più importanti:

DCS World
  • Runway takeoff and landing direction fixed.
  • Removed obsolete DCS Multiplayer shortcuts.
    Encyclopedia entries corrected.
  • Fog/mist/rain effect no longer clips inside cockpit.
  • Cloud lighting at the night corrected.
  • BetAB-500ShP crash fixed.
  • Flat shadows corrected.
  • Incorrect behavior of AI when performing a radio command Hold position is fixed.
  • Transmit Message Subtitle will no longer disappear immediately.
  • Missing civilian road traffic restored.
  • Fixed issue with countermeasures that have no impact on missile tracking.
  • Corrected crank maneuver of AI fighters after missile launch. AIs will no longer perform a crank when in visual range and close combat.

  • Server list sorting is fixed.
  • Multiplayer interface will no longer appear if take control in multiplayer track.
  • Slot (Role) list will not shift when a user chooses role after scrolling.
  • Game will no longer crash if a user attempts to spawn into a module they do not have installed.
  • Fixed crash with radio command ‘flight check-in’.
  • Right taxi light will lit on net phantom.
  • Turning on smokes by single press of gun trigger (not twice).
  • Corrected tooltips in the cockpit.
  • Radar altimeter key commands restored.
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